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America x Reader - Don't Take The Girl
Hetalia: America x Reader fic
Don't Take The Girl

You watched eagerly from the edge of the fence as Arthur stepped out of his home, his brother Alfred by his side.
"Come on! Tell me where were going!" Alfred begged.
"Like I said, we're going out," he replied softly.
"You never tell me anything..."
"Hi Al, Arthur!" you chirped, waving your hand at the pair.
"Oh, hello ________," Arthur said, smiling at you.
"Don't mind us... we're just about to go somewhere totally awesome!" Al boasted.
"Really? Where?!" you asked excitedly.
"I'd love to tell you, but it's a secr—"
"We're just going down by the pond. Would you like to join us?" Arthur asked, cutting Alfred off.
"I can come?!" you smiled excitedly.
"Of course—"
"You can't!" Alfred finished, glaring at you and then glaring at his older brother. Arthur sighed, kneeling down to Alfred's level.
"Don't be rude, Alfred... we can't leave her behind."
"Bring Mattie instead! Or even your weird
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Pirate UK x Reader x UK - Shanghaied
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x UK fic

You furrowed your brow in confusion at the large door in front of you. This was unusual. Arthur almost always answered his door. You had always known him to be very prompt. Not to mention, you two were supposed to have a date. You reached for the handle and to your surprise, his door was unlocked. He always locked his door before leaving, so he had to be home. You opened the door and peaked your head in. "Arthur?" you called.
Nothing. You pouted. Where in the hell was he?! You let yourself in, shutting the door behind you. Suddenly, your phone went off and you pulled it out to check. Arthur Kirkland.
"Arthur?" you answered.
"________! Listen, I know we had a date today, but I need to cancel. I promise I'll make it up to you, love," he said. He sounded panicked.
"But I'm already here... where are you? And why wouldn't you just tell me in person?!"
"What?! Your inside?! Get out of here before he—"
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America x Reader - Sweet Dreams
Hetalia: America x Reader fic
Sweet Dreams

You stared longingly at the large bed in front of you. It was so big. Depressingly so when you had to sleep in it by yourself. Alfred had to attend another World Conference, leaving you alone in his large house. You thought that you would enjoy this time, but instead, you missed him more than ever. It wasn't the same here without Alfred's smiling face and excitement. And he had only been gone for two nights! You had another two nights to go before his return. And you hated how much you missed him.
"Keep the outside lights on at night... and don't forget to lock the doors!" he said anxiously, just before he left.
"Yes and yes. Don't worry, I'll keep the house safe!" you said, pasting a smile on your face. You didn't want him to leave, but you didn't want him to be worried about you either.
"Don't be silly... it's not the house I'm worried about," he said, embracing you in his arms. You hugged him back tightly, wanting him
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Prussia x Reader - Lost Souls
Hetalia: Prussia x Reader fic
Lost Souls
You hurried to the bus stop as you began to hear the squealing brakes of that metal deathtrap. You had gotten up late today and had just barely made it. It would have been bad if you had gone in late. Especially on your first day. The attending doctors at St. Frederick's Hospital were very strict when it came to interns.
You panted heavily as you boarded the bus. It was full, as it usually was in the morning... except all the way in the back. You squeezed your way past the people who were already seated. There sat a pale guy with white, shaggy hair. He was dressed in jeans and a hoodie, a backpack in his lap and a pair of headphones around his neck.
"Is this seat taken?" you asked. He glanced up at you, piercing you with deep, red eyes.
"Oh... no, not at all," he answered, taking hold of his belongings and scooting over to give you more room. You were surprised by
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England x Reader - Spring Dreams
Hetalia: England x Reader fic
Spring Dreams

Your eyes squinted at the bright scene before you. You were on a lovely beach, with white sand and crystal blue waters. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. You huffed.
You didn't particularly want to be here. In an attempt to get you out of your house, your friends had eagerly suggested that you come with them on spring break. They had found an excellent deal at a resort, and the more people who went, the cheaper the cost would be. You had originally told them no, planning on spending your spring break cuddled up inside reading your favorite book. But as soon as your parents heard of this scheme, they wouldn't take no for an answer.
"You always spend so much time inside."
"Some fresh air will be good for you!"
"It'll be so relaxing."
"You'll regret it if you stay home."

Had been the countless things they had said to you. And that's where you found yourself now, on day number one of your vacation. You walked o
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America x Reader - Hero
Hetalia: America x Reader fic

Thunder rumbled, shaking your entire house and causing you to stiffen. Stupid weather... you couldn't believe it. Why did it have to rain on Halloween night?!
"So much for trick-or-treaters..." you sighed sadly, looking at the large bowl of candy on the table. Your mom and dad had left earlier for a Halloween party, so you told them that you would distribute the candy. You never cared for trick-or-treating anyway. You then looked at yourself in the mirror. You had even put on a costume for the kids. It was a witch costume that you had worn for a couple years now, but you didn't mind. You could hear the rain beating down on your house.
"I guess I can call it a night..." you said to yourself. Suddenly, there was a loud rapping on your front door, making you jump. That couldn't be a trick-or-treater, right?! A person would have to be crazy to be out in this weather!
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